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I came to see Dr Jill when my life as I’d known it appeared to be unravelling. I was unable to hold on to any thoughts, was in a constant state of fear and completely overwhelmed. I’d tried talking therapies in the past and just didn’t feel that it would be enough to help me with my debilitating anxiety, hence exploring emdr as a potential way forward.
From my first consultation with Dr Jill, I felt that I was in the right place and in safe hands. Dr Jill’s quiet professionalism, calmness and insight along with her proven technique slowly over time enabled me to see things more clearly and as a consequence quietened my racing thoughts and feelings.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Jill - she is clearly at the top of her game and it shows.
Thank you Jill.
April 2022
I was a patient of JilI for many years. I was refered to her due to my suffering anxiety attacks. She helped me overcome these, and she also helped me work on my personal trauma that I experienced when I was a teenager.  After therapy with Jill I became a more confident person, free from my past and my fears. I highly recommend her as a therapist.
June 2021
Before I started my sessions with Jill it was no secret that I was sceptical. I was at a really low point in my life but wasn’t sure that the ‘talking cure’ was for me. From the first session, Jill was supportive and consistent. She coached me to talk about things I didn’t even realise I was feeling and every session felt like a real weight being lifted.   After 10 sessions I feel totally different about counselling (and in myself) and am very grateful for the skills and techniques I am taking away. I genuinely feel that I am prepared for the next phase of life and am reassured to know that I have Jill in the background in case things ever get too much again.
May 2021
I got to a stage in life where I was making irrational decisions, I was always highly charged and the smallest of things could take me to boiling point. Jill offered a great environment to talk through the issues I was facing and helped me understand why I was always stressed and negative, Dr Jill helped me take control of my thoughts, get some real perspective and really helped me move in the right direction. Absolutely superb experience and I’m grateful for all the help!  
April 2021
Since working with Dr Jill I have been able to go deep within and face some of the things which caused me pain, anxiety, severe migraines and convulsions. After years of seeking the right help I was finally able to find relief, hope, and connect with my body and mind again. I am having less seizures and managing my health better with new strategies and mindset. I am truly grateful for the sessions with Dr Jill especially at a time of Covid-19 with heightened anxiety and more life pressures. I am so glad I committed to the sessions and Dr Jill’s approach was with warmth and sensitivity. Thank you for all your help.
January 2021
I've had chronic physical pain for 10 years, and have tried what seems like every procedure/avenue possible to try and 'fix' my mechanical issues and dissolve my pain, with no success so far. I was then referred to try CBT/mindfulness for chronic pain management as an alternative. Since working with Jill, I have acquired skills which have helped me understand my pain, the varying patterns of it, and how to work with it rather than against it. I've learnt a huge amount, and Jill's teachings have been so helpful in training my mind to change the way it sees and processes my pain. I now have a pool of great CBT/mindfulness techniques to dip into which I plan to continue with going forward! I felt so comfortable talking with Jill; I'm really grateful for her patience and knowledge, and for being the first person to help me approach dealing with chronic pain in such a positive and beneficial way - I've definitely noticed a difference already!
August 2020
I was in a really dark place when I first walked into Dr. Neilson’s therapy room, and despite feeling hopeless; I instantly sensed that I would be in very safe hands. Dr. Neilson’s caring, non-judgmental and professional approach enabled me to trust her enough to open up about my own traumatic experiences. During the initial sessions, Dr. Neilson listened carefully to my life story and following an initial assessment we started with the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. I can honestly say that this life changing therapy was the most effective way to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During the process of recalling triggering experiences, Dr. Neilson would help me direct my eye movements, and whilst my attention was being diverted, I was able to process my emotions as if I were in a bad dream. What happened to me can never be undone, however it is now in the past and I am able to move forward. The overwhelming emotions no longer torment or control my entire life and I cannot thank Dr. Neilson enough for that!
June 2020
When I started to see Jill I was suffering from low self-esteem and finding everyday life a struggle. I found Jill to be immensely professional and caring. I could talk openly about very upsetting memories of losing my dad and the hurt and upset it caused, in the comfort that I was never judged, just listened to. I am now able to move on with my life with a much more positive outlook. Jill has made me realise it is normal to grieve and helped me come to terms with my grief. I would highly recommend Jill to anybody who is suffering or anybody who is feeling low. I am eternally grateful for the help and support that she has shown me.
February 2020
I was recommended to see Jill by one of her professional colleagues as I had heard about the positive benefits of EMDR for long term trauma and was very keen to see if it could help me. I am in my early fifties and despite many years of on and off psychotherapy, I have never been able to get over a traumatic incident from my childhood which has caused me to have low self esteem and meant that I have not been able to fully accept myself or feel confident enough to pursue a normal relationship with a partner. Jill is very calm and caring and her experience comes over as soon as she starts talking to you as a person and a patient. She immediately established the root of the problem and how best to break it down so that it was not overwhelming for me after so many years. I have quite a lot of stress in my life and occasionally I would turn up to a session feeling anxious and overwhelmed but Jill taught me coping mechanisms and by the end of my course of sessions, I really did feel a noticeable shift in my thoughts with a real breakthrough moment happening during one session where I was able to focus on the incident and in my mind move it to a positive ending. I definitely feel that since my sessions, I am not experiencing the same thoughts or negative feelings about myself that I previously did and I am so grateful to Jill for her help. I am looking forward to moving on with my life now and I would highly recommend her services.
January 2020
Awesome professional,brilliant at EMDR and therapy, non judgemental, genuinely caring for her clients/patients well being, warm and beautiful. Due to redundancy, childhood trauma, inability to cope with constant feeling of rejection at work and personal life, I slipped into depression. I was taking citalopram 20 mg for 2 years and it was not enough alone to help me get better emotionally. In October 2018, I was referred to Dr. Jill Neilson to seek therapy for low self esteem, self harm and to get help to overcome my depression through therapy so that I can gradually stop my anti depressants. I'm so pleased to share that with only 7 months of bi weekly therapy sessions with Dr. Jill, I was able to gradually stop my antidepressants, improve my self esteem and able to manage myself emotionally much better in the face of rejection or any sort of criticism. Her simple techniques have given me support to bounce back from feeling low and avoid feeling low in certain situations by changing the way I think about them. I am very grateful for her help. Also, as I began to improve and manage my emotional health much better, she suggested herself to discontinue therapy in spite of the fact it was paid via insurance. This speaks leaps and bounds about her integrity towards her profession. I will always be grateful for her integrity, support and therapy she provided me.
June 2019
After being referred to Jill by my consultant psychiatrist, I was unsure of what EMDR could possibly do for me. Jill's gentle and caring approach led me through this process, resulting in better progress than I had thought possible. It definitely worked. After we moved on to a more general CBT-focused approach, several major life events happened to me in a short period of time; Illness in the family, work problems, and housing issues. With Jill's support, I was able to structure a response that got me through and made sure I had the skills and insight to understand the causes of problems as well as appropriate responses. What has stood out has been Jill's genuine interest in what I felt was the right path for me as an individual. Her curiosity in what I was reading about my conditions and how I was using technology to track my mood and behaviours encouraged me to persist during the rough patches. Her approach to caring for me as an individual rather than a list of health conditions made sure we had the best doctor/patient relationship possible. I was recently discharged from Jill's care as we had made so much progress. My work colleagues (including medical doctors), friends, and family have all remarked on the improvements they've seen. Jill allowed me to put my life back on track, and I'll always be grateful.
February 2019
I met Jill via a referral from my consultant psychiatrist. I was struggling with Bipolar affective disorder and PTSD. Jill always took the time to listen and we created a plan. Jill offered personalised therapy to my specific needs. Through Jill I gained insight into my fears, career barriers and triggers. It wasn’t always easy, but it was in the end worth it. Jill is knowledgeable and clearly experienced in a number of mental wellness matters, this helped me feel safe in her hands. I’m hugely thankful for the help and support I received, it was very centred around my needs. Jill walked me through a number of ways and coping strategies that have really helped me see hope where there was little, and find strength and confidence once more. I highly recommend her as not just a psychologist, a therapist but as a mentor too.
August 2018
I was referred to Dr. Neilson in late 2017 after being diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder. I thought that CBT was what was needed to equip me with the tools to manage my anxiety. Jill helped me to see that I was applying a great deal of CBT to my daily life already. Through our talking therapy we identified that EMDR would be a great help in terms of breaking painful links to the past. She guided me through the process with reassurance, empathy and support at every step. She is inherently intuitive, calm and beyond kind. Since our sessions, any symptoms of anxiety are massively milder and I am much more confident and assertive at work and in life, less stressed and more calm within myself.
April 2018
My sessions with Jill have had a hugely positive impact on my life. She has helped me to untangle and understand many issues from my childhood that manifested in stress-related illnesses and anxieties in later life. I now feel more self-confident and able to make positive decisions for myself. My health has also improved as I now have practical, coping techniques to use in difficult situations. Throughout the process, Jill was non-judgmental, supportive and caring. Her approach is highly practical and very focused. I cannot recommend Jill highly enough.
November 2017
Dr Neilson (Jill) was very attentive and helpful in her approach. She was able to see me at considerably short notice and following an insightful consultation, Jill was promptly able to support me in my pursuit of further treatment. Not only that, she was generous in doing so and now I fully intend to get the help and support I need after years of putting things off.
October 2017
I was referred to Dr Neilson for what was described as mild health anxiety. At the age of 51 this was my first encounter with a mental health professional. From the moment we sat down for the first session I felt entirely comfortable talking about things that I would have normally found more difficult. She quickly arrived at a plan and suggested using EMDR to deal with the issue. Over the following few months she took me through the process, all the time being reassuring and providing detailed explanations as to what was happening. I found the process, and in particular her approach and understanding, to be both helpful and informative. I have been able to alter my behaviour following the sessions to deal far better with the issues that were causing me problems. It was a very positive experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Nielson for this kind of treatment.
May 2017
I would just like to say again how grateful I am for the help you gave me, and how much courage it has given me to face my condition.
February 2017
I was first referred to Jill in 2011 when I was signed off sick with exhaustion and stress. Jill helped me unpick how I had ended up in this situation and how I could modify my behaviour in the future and also identify early warning signs of stress. Since then I have returned on two occasions when I needed help processing life events and just generally needed some support. Jill has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. She has helped me recognise my strengths but also how those strengths in their extremes are also my weaknesses and how I can curb the worst excesses and lead a more fulfilling life. I cannot recommend her highly enough - she is empathetic, warm and insightful - a true leader in her field.
February 2017
I was lucky to be recommended to Jill after returning to live in the UK for 12 months after 26 years away. It was a life changing experience for me and I have returned to Australia a different person thanks to Jill's expertise. I am in my 50's and my life had been marked by very low self esteem, depression and anxiety and I had spent numerous years in therapy with negligible impact and was guarded about the benefits of further therapy. This changed working with Jill, whose high level of intuition and skill meant that Jill knew the best approach that would work for me. Jill was very respectful and treated me as an individual not part of a standard psychological process. In addition, her kindness and calmness made me feel safe which enabled me to explore my thoughts. For the first time I was not afraid to write my thoughts down, another liberating experience. Jill's skill included getting me to examine my life events in a completely different yet very logical way from previous therapy. It was insightful and led to Jill helping me increase my emotional maturity and develop strategies to use in my life. I became happy in myself which was a very strange feeling for me as I didn't know what happy was. When I was ready, Jill also used EMDR to work through a traumatic event. The release from guilt for me from this process was unexpected and wonderful, it was another significant turning point for me. I have also noticed the positive impact on my work, especially when it comes to managing people. My self assurance means I now manage situations with so much more clarity. Jill's abilities as a psychologist are the highest I have ever seen and I highly recommend Jill to everyone. I have changed and enjoying my new lease on life.
February 2016
Panic attacks, anxiety and fatigue led me to Dr Neilson. At first I was reluctant to see her. I'd had counselling before and I needed practical solutions not endless conversations about the past. But she came extremely highly recommended and from the start my weekly CBT sessions were very different to anything I had experienced. Dr Neilson is empathetic, practical and strategic. First she tackled the panic attacks teaching me techniques including Mindfulness which gave me the skills to diffuse them when they happened. Next we worked together to reorganise a range of emotions rooted in the past but with the emphasis always on moving my emotions into the future. And I was given homework- a mixture of writing exercises tailored to my profession as a writer and daily diaries of my energy levels. These taught me how to carefully manage people and situations which drained me. It was clever, unique and results driven. I can never thank her enough for giving me practical solutions that effectively dealt with the panic attacks, anxiety and fatigue. I recommend her to all my friends and colleagues. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
November 2015
I first saw Jill after a referral from my pain consultant to help me deal with the psychological issues surrounding suffering from fibromyalgia and being in pain on a daily basis. Having suffered with the condition for over 5 years, I have seen a vast number of doctors, specialists and alternative therapists, however Jill is the first person I have spoken to that I feel actually understands what I’m going through. She has such a warm, completely non-judgemental manner that I felt instantly at ease in her company and from the very first session, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted to just find someone that finally understood, never mind someone that was actually able to help me deal with it. We worked on the damaging thought processes which can perpetuate the pain cycle and how I can recognise them myself, as well as self-help techniques for managing issues such as stress which further aggravates my pain. Working with Jill has helped manage my pain levels enormously and I feel a lot happier and calmer as a result. If ever I feel overwhelmed by things and feel my pain and stress levels starting to go downhill again, another session is enough to get me back on track again.
October 2015
Following many years in an unfulfilling profession, I found myself in a cycle of negativity, lacking confidence and with an inability to gain perspective and move forward. I was recommended Dr Jill and although did not initially feel the need for "therapy", the whole experience has been nothing but positive. I found Jills approach to be calming whilst helping me rationalise situations and gain a sense of insight and optimism. I feel an actual sense of closure on negative issues and an ability to positively move forward.
March 2015
I developed epilepsy in 2009, and after that and every subsequent seizure, I was suffering from extreme tiredness & aching joints, and was unable to return to work for about 6 weeks. I was referred to Jill by my GP & neurologist in April 2014, who thought I may need CBT to help in bringing this recovery period down. At my initial session with Jill, I outlined my situation, and she suggested that EMDR would seem to be more appropriate way to go. I had 6 EMDR sessions with Jill, reviewing the events surrounding my seizures and my reactions and thoughts at the time. It was an interesting journey. I experienced a wide range of emotions during these sessions, but they always ended with me feeling positive. Throughout all the sessions Jill was calm, kind, non-judgemental and supportive. I had another seizure in August 2014, and due to the EMDR work done with Jill, my recovery time was 6 days, not 6 weeks. There is so much hidden inside ourselves that we just don’t know is there. Sometimes it is sending us down the wrong path. Jill was great at helping me make a big change, I will always be immensely grateful.
November 2014
The techniques and insights I learned from Dr Jill Neilson have enabled me to cope so much better with low self-esteem and negative emotions. She has made such a positive difference to my well-being. She listens carefully, and in a kind, sensitive and professional manner teaches you how to put the pieces back together again. She is brilliant at what she does and I would not hesitate to recommend her
November 2014
When I first went to see Jill I was in a very low place in my life. I could not see a future for myself, felt very confused and had no hope. It was difficult for me to open up about things I had hidden for so long. Jill was very patient and made me feel very comfortable to talk openly. She was great. She helped me turn my life around and I feel happy again. Jill was recommended to me and I would certainly recommend to her anyone. I will certainly be using her again if I need to. I am so grateful for all her help, listening and advice.
March 2014
During a low point in my life, I had the opportunity to visit Dr Jill Neilson after a recommendation from a family member. After a very tearful first session, which I found most helpful, I felt a heavy weight had been lifted from my mind. I feel these sessions have helped me a great deal. I would not hesitate to visit Dr Neilson again, should it become necessary, however after having had this counselling, I don't expect to need to.
December 2013
When I started to see Jill I was suffering from severe depression and finding everyday life a struggle. I found Jill immensely professional and caring. I could talk openly about very upsetting memories in the comfort that I was never judged, just listened to. I would highly recommend Jill to family or friends, she has changed my life and I will always be grateful.
November 2013

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Types of Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is based on the idea that our thoughts affect our mood and our behaviour.


Systemic and Family Therapy

Systemic principles are useful with individuals, couples and organisations.


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a psychological treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disorders which occur as a result of exposure to trauma.


From my first consultation with Dr Jill, I felt that I was in the right place and in safe hands. Dr Jill’s quiet professionalism, calmness and insight along with her proven technique slowly over time enabled me to see things more clearly and as a consequence quietened my racing thoughts and feelings.
April 2022