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Love and Life
10 February, 2013

Valentines day brings joy and excitement to some, the thrill of romance. Others see it as an opportunity for florists, card companies and restaurants to charge exorbitant amounts for ‘romantic’ scene setting. Whilst some dread the day, a reminder they have no intimate relationship, they feel unloved and lonely. For this last group of people the sadness that ensues can take over their sense of love for anything and anyone including themselves. What is key to remember for all of us is that before we can love others and be loved we need to at least like, ideally love ourselves. Finding just one thing that you like and value about yourself can start the journey to a good relationship with yourself.

Love Tip: Try at the end of the day reviewing your day and celebrating one thing that you value about yourself. Over time you will begin to develop a better view of yourself, which others will sense, making you more desirable to be with.