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Letting Go to Move On
28 December, 2013

Letting go can be a hard thing to do.  Past upset and pain can sometimes feel as fresh now as it did at the time.  For some, the passage of time can be enough to enable them to let go; others need to be proactive in letting go of the past.

How To Let Go And Move On

One of the first questions to ask is “what needs to be let go of and what do I need to keep?”  This will help establish if you feel ready to move on and any potential blocks to moving on.

If the answer you find is you are not ready to let go – ask yourself why; does the memory help you in some way – for example, anger can be positive, it can help provide energy to address things, but it can also be negative and destructive.

If the reason you want to hold on to something is destructive to you or others then it is time to let go of that emotion.  In these cases self-help, such as: relaxation, looking after your physical health by diet and exercise, spending time with supportive friends and family, and allowing time for yourself are all helpful.  These things on a regular basis can sometimes be enough to help you engage more with the present and as such let go of the past emotions and distress.

If this does not help then you may benefit from seeing a Psychologist and working through your concerns.